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  1. MudkipBeans

    Announcement SV National Dex Suspect 7: Gold Chains

    I don't think that's how devil's advocate works, you can't just say your opinion and then shield yourself from criticism with it, playing devil's advocate implies you don't agree with the opinion you're putting forward. Plus, I don't think we're focusing on the debate that Gholdengo has...
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    What is your stance on Tera in the metagame? Possibly the dumbest shit imaginable, it’s honestly just made every single match I play that much more out of my control. I’d like to play more but my frustration with Tera is so bad I can’t tolerate a few matches cuz it’s just that annoying. Any...
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    Announcement Gen 9 S/V National Dex UU Metagame Discussion

    Your moves are correct but I’d say your slashes are slightly misplaced, all of DD / Taunt / Roost would be in the first slot, since Taunt + roost only works with dual wingbeat + eq as coverage, and likely with magnezone support. I think taunt 3a or pursuit 4a is pretty consistent at the moment...
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    Announcement SV National Dex UU Stage 2.4: Empty Pockets - Weavile BANNED

    To clarify for this, I read your message as just plain sarcasm because that’s how most sarcastic messages read, and to add onto this, hopefully something can be done about Tera soon. But as Velcroc said, we will just be going down our broken threats “list” for now. Action was considered for Tera...
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    Announcement SV National Dex UU Stage 2.4: Empty Pockets - Weavile BANNED

    Alright, now that you've begun to argue in bad faith, I'd like to remind everyone that voting No Ban on a broken element of the metagame because you speculate a certain playstyle will become too strong, is not a reason to do so and is laid out in Smogon policy clearly. Who's to say that you...
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    Announcement SV National Dex UU Stage 2.4: Empty Pockets - Weavile BANNED

    I’d like to clarify this before quickly stating my opinion, this is being done purely for the process of more permanently removing weavile at this point in the meta, since it still could be reasoned that it can be dealt with (which is also very provably false), and it’s been a while since the...
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    Bug Reports v4 [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    I don't believe this is intended, since greninja is now not tiered seperately.
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    Announcement SV National Dex UU Stage 2.3: Titan Up (UPDATE ON POST #2)

    :ss/pinsir-mega: :sv/baxcalibur: It's that season again for some new bans, and we're proud to announce tiering action is coming to your doorstep today! While the slate for our suspect votes is unfinished, it is clear that two of the most broken offenders contributing to the HO-centric meta...
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    Tournament NDWC III - Format Discussion and Tier Polling (UPDATE: POST #20 )

    Ubers is cool but do not do 2 monotype slots, that’s a terrible terrible idea that has historically never worked. I think it’s just sensible to do either one of each of Ubers, UU, RU and monotype, or cut 1 and do a BO3. UU still needs some work and it really depends on whether or not people want...
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    Tera in National Dex: Where do we stand now?

    I’m sorry but this argument genuinely has said nothing of substance in about 200 words and bolding random sentences doesn’t really help. This is one of the most degrading arguments that have been around for the metagame, since it makes very broad assumptions about how people can and will use...
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    Tera in National Dex: Where do we stand now?

    Alright so Tera to me was fun for about the first few fays but now it’s simply become a chore to handle on sweeping threats. As a personal anecdote, games feel incredibly slowed down for the first few turns, contrary to what people perceive Tera as causing ridiculously strong immediate sweeps...
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    Resource National Dex UU Simple Questions, Simple Answers

    This thread is for simple questions that need relatively simple answers. Quote the question you are answering to help keep things organized. If you were considering making a thread to ask "Why was [X] banned???" or "Was Protean nerfed?" or "Why is Zamazenta-H UU? " I'd recommend asking those...
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    Non-official National Dex UU - Hydreigon

    Hydreigon: Unban
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    Project National Dex OU Team Bazaar Just gonna put this here, these were pretty much the last two teams I've built in NDOU, except maybe a volcanion rain that I passed to molly once. Sand is pretty basic, you know what is does and what everything else does...
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    Announcement National Dex UU Suspect Test 13: Medusa

    Almost done with reqs at the moment and have to disagree with what is going around about Hydreigon currently given the different sets I've tried, and teams built with it around. As of right now, I think Nasty Plot is incredibly mediocre, with every set being very easy to revenge kill with a...
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    Announcement National Dex UU Suspect Test 13: Medusa

    This is the wrong thread for voter ID, check out the voter ID thread for reqs
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    Announcement National Dex UU Suspect Test 13: Medusa

    Locked for 24 hours to gather thoughts.
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    Smogon Happenings - post here for publicity (YES, YOU - READ THE OP!) Porygon-Z quickbanned from NDUU.
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    Announcement Porygon-Z has been quickbanned from National Dex UU

    :ss/porygon-z: If any of you have been keeping up or playing NDPL, you've seen Porygon-Z's monstrous win rate and usage go wild. It's currently very popular on Hyper Offense teams, but is possible to slot as a win condition on regular offensive teams, and the metagame severely lacks the ability...